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Corpus Christi Private Investigators

What Drives Us

Our Purpose

Investigative Results goal is to help our clients articulate their goals and develop effective and efficient case strategy.

Our Mission

At Investigative Results, we are dedicated to providing effective facts for case strategies. By using the most innovative technical, analytical, and common sense approach to assembling reliable case strategies. for our clients. Our professional investigators are industry leading experts in resolving complex matters of corporate law, civil law, employment law, locating parties, and obtaining recorded statements for complex matters.

Our Values


Investigative Results does not compromise the integrity of our work. We do not take shortcuts or bend the truth; the facts speak for themselves.


If honestly, doing the right thing all the time every time is not important what is the point of doing it? The golden rule still applies.


Clients have trusted us with their business and reputation which we do not take that lightly.


Our private investigators are in constant contact about the status of the case. We even work weekends.

Quality over Quantity

Our goal is to provide an excellent work product, quality client interaction, and on time results.

Meet the Team


Amy Ward – President & CEO

Amy has successfully handled a variety of cases such as wrongful death investigation, recorded witness statement, workers compensation, disability claims, insurance fraud, piracy, civil investigations, liability investigation, retail theft, EEO claimant, and criminal investigations. Amy’s primarily focuses on locates, claimant and witness interviews, and pre-trial litigation. Amy holds degrees in Criminal Justice and Paralegal Studies. Amy is a veteran of the United States Army.

Professionally Licensed Investigator

Cassandra Salsgiver

Case Manager, Professional Investigator

Cassandra has been a Licensed Professional Investigator in the State of Texas since 2012. Cassandra focus is primarily Case Management, Legal Research, Criminal Defense Investigation, and Claimant Interviewing.


Thomas Perkins

Lead Investigator, Insurance

Thomas Perkins has been an Investigator focused on Insurance Investigations for over ten years providing effective documentation for legal proceedings.

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