Have You Been Taken Advantage Of By God?

Have you been taken advantage by the church or ministry?

Let me explain. For many years church, has been a place of refuge. No matter what you had done in your life or what situation you were facing the church would accept you and help guide you back to god. With god you could become whole again, you could repent and become new. That’s is all good until it isn’t.
FRAUD does happen in the church. You need to understand that sometimes god’s flock can be VULNERABLE you’ve been abused, raped, addicted, divorced your hurting and raw. Your open to suggestion about who to give your financial resources, who to give their time and energies to. While the bible says you should tithe and many churches suggest that your time and energies are just as important. There are sometimes when these the church many not have your back.

God is omniscient…sometimes the church is not. Who controls the money? Is it transparent or does you worship leader live in a two-million-dollar home and drive a BMW while his flock have nothing to drive and live in the inner city? Who manages the money? Are there several people who are involved in the process, some fiscal controls in place to save some for future projects, give some to those who need it, and provide for the family of the preacher?
Does your church leader encourage families to work their differences out or does one leader suggest to the spouse that your other spouse may be the problem? Churches should not be a third party in your relationship with your spouse. Your family unit should work together sometimes church counseling can be super helpful, but if the counseling is designed to pit you against each other for some benefit of the church (IE a relationship with another church member, encouraging you to give resources that you spouse disagrees, or your time that is in direct disagreement with your spouse.) You may have to reevaluate the needs of your family before the needs of the church.

MONEY MONEY MONEY…. It’s all gods I understand. It’s ok to give your financial blessing to the church, but tithes and offerings are YOUR decision and although many people have the ability to give generously, others do not. If your offering or blessing to the church means that your family will be unable to provide for your basic needs (not wants) then you may consider meeting those needs first. A true ministry will help you to do those things and may offer a financial class to help you get back on track. Eventually following those principals will benefit the church in having healthy families that work together and can afford to give their tithe.

If a ministry or church constantly askes for small amounts of money for personal items, you may have to rethink what the motivation might be. Is it that you took the pastor and family out for dinner on Tuesday, now the pastors kids need new shoes, next week a birthday gift, then maybe a television for the sanctuary, and then all of a sudden, they need $60, $50, $30 here pretty soon you’ve given thousands over and above your tithe. They may be taking advantage of your generosity. As often, as it does happen its reported less often so members of the church have many victims who have gone without to give the blessing to the church. Church families do get taken advantage of everyday due to the VUNERABILITY.

If you have a story to share about possible Ministry Fraud please send it to churchministryfraud@gmail.com

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