Reducing Corporate Liability, The Professional Investigator

Reducing Corporate Liability

Yesterday, I attended the Texas Small Business Forum for Women sponsored by the Texas Governor’s Office. One of the speaker’s was an actor named Tommy Habeeb.
Mr. Habeeb was speaking about his newest show called “Fast Pitch”.

Fast Pitch ( is a new show being filmed in Dallas. The show will feature new and old entrepreneurs seeking funding (think #sharktank). The panel of investors and audience will decide based on a two minute pitch whether they are willing to fund the idea.

The presentation by Mr. Habeeb made me think what I would say to a potential investor of my business. How could I add value to a corporate entity?

If your in business, your company has liability and vulnerabilities. Having an thirty party investigative agency is just as important as having a CPA and an Attorney.
An investigative agency is an impartial party when your company faces potential embezzlement,(often by a long term trustworthy employee), any potential fraudulent transactions, or financial error.

A professional Investigator can identify potential witnesses, gather evidence, and interview interested parties. Many times this needs to happen quickly. The more time passes may result in loss of potentially valuable information.

An investigative agency is useful when a difficult termination has or will occur. Professional investigators can provide potentially helpful information before, during, and after the termination that may be helpful to the company both from a liability and safety standpoint.

A Professional Investigator’s role is vital during an workplace accident. A third party company can investigate company liability, interview potential witnesses, and monitor workers compensation investigations.

An investigator can be helpful for reputation management, potential infringement, or copywrite violations.

A third party investigator can be engaged to test potential security loopholes, and provide feedback about customer service.

Professional Investigator’s are problem solvers, having an investigative team is essential and critical to helping limit and mitigate a corporations liability.

Amy Ward, Principal investigator and owner of Investigative Results, is a degreed professional in Criminal Justice, Political Science, and Paralegal. With years of experience in loss prevention, non profit management, and a genuine curiosity to find the answers that her clients seek Amy Ward brings ethical, reasonable, and quality services to each client she


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