Everyone wants to be a Private Investigator? Or Do you?

Everyone wants to be a Private Investigator, or Do You?
Recently, I was contacted by someone interested in becoming a Professional Licensed Investigator.
The caller was genuinely interested in the profession and had an impressive background.
However, having an impressive background is not what makes you a good investigator. I cannot recount how many times I have heard someone remark “oh I’ve always wanted to be an investigator.” The reality is that most investigation companies fail within five years.
Being a Professionally Licensed Investigator takes hard work and tenacity, and believe it or not working for FREE sometimes or a lot. Billable time versa actual time spent researching, making phone calls, consulting experts, studying policies, procedure, and legal statues.
Being an investigator is not for someone who has watched a television program or a movie and thinks it looks interesting.
There will be plenty of interesting moments and plenty of dull ones too. It takes being a compassionate, rational, ethical, AND professional being. You will not always be rewarded or appreciated.

Your client has a problem that needs to be solved when they come to you and its pretty likely they have a budget. They need someone who is willing to go tracking through the mud, talk to anyone and everyone, be honest, and believe it or not law abiding.
It takes several thousand dollars to obtain and keep your license for one year in Texas, a degree in Criminal Justice, or three years of working in an investigative business. You must obtain and maintain insurance and continuing education hours every year. In addition, you must continually market yourself. Having friends in the legal or insurance field helps, but will not sustain you if you do not actively market your firm.
As compassionate professional investigator, you do things you normally wouldn’t do like sitting with your client in a dark room all night while they sleep because you are the one person that knows exactly what they are going through.

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