Social Media How it Affects your Bottom Line

How active are you on social media? Chances are that you have a profile of one or more social media sites.
Do you tweet?  Do you post pictures on Instagram? Change your status Facebook? Publish your location on snap maps? Does your profile list where you work and what you do?

Today’s world is quite literally at your fingertips. This can be an incredible way to share pictures, socialize with family and friends located all over the globe. Social media is used to share current news, the latest trends, and warn against emergency threats.

Businesses use social media to help promote products and services direct to the consumer.

Businesses and Agencies are increasingly using social media as a tool for employment and continued employment. What you post matters.

Take for instance your having a couple of drinks with your buddies, you had a bad day at work, or just post your innermost feelings often. Employers can and will use this tool to effectively to make hiring and firing decisions.

Most modern day employers have some type of social media policy and procedures. They don’t want trade secrets posted or anything that reflects negatively on their day to day business.

Several examples :

An airline employee posting about extensive delays, unruly customers, or broken aircraft. These very things may affect the reputation of the company and the decision that the consumer may make when booking their next vacation.

A law enforcement officer posting about a tragic accident scene, or a current investigation. Posting too many details could affect the ability of investigation to remain unbiased.

How many times have you seen social media posts already weighing in on the details of a tragic event BEFORE the investigation has been completed? In our local area a child kidnapping was reported. 

However, it turns out when the child was located and had not been kidnapped at all. How about a case of reported child abuse?

People will naturally be outraged, but wait! What if it the child abuse did not occur? Social media has already convicted the perpetrator.

Social media has a place in society and is an tool in workplace investigations. A lot can be determined by the amount of time, energy, and manner a candidate has posted.

Have you the posted a picture of your dog everyday? Are you always complaining about something or someone? Do you constantly post negative reviews of restaurants, and other established businesses? How often do you post during duty hours? Do the you post positive encourage messages everyday?

If you use social media here are some tips to consider.

1.) Consider NOT publishing your location on snap maps, especially if your at a bar or a political debate.

2.) Any business related social media and your personal profiles should be separate.

3.) Keep your profiles PRIVATE, I repeat PRIVATE. (Did I say private?)

4.) Don’t post where you work

5.) Do not add your collegues and your boss to your private profiles, if you must choose carefully. Your content will be observed and judged.

6.) Do not publish specific content about your workplace.

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