What Our Clients Say

John B.


We are forever grateful to Amy Ward of Investigative Results. When we lost contact with a family member for several years, we were pretty much at a lost as to how to go about locating someone. We tried contacting previous employers, went to on-line websites, etc. None of these efforts provided any current information. When we first met with Amy, she was very understanding of our situation and committed to help us. Her initial search for current information on our loved one turned up empty. Although this was disappointing, Amy assured us she would continue the search using all resources available. Amy’s determination and diligence reunited us with our loved one in 2016. The fact that Amy stayed engaged on this case over a period of several years speaks volumes to her business ethics and her commitment to help us. I highly recommend Amy Ward.

Dave Wollert

Amy’s team at Investigative Results literally saved me thousands of dollars in travel costs, while providing the information I needed to avoid further losses by throwing good money after bad in an out of state property transaction. The experience began with filling out an absolutely painless questionnaire plus a thorough interview that told Amy exactly what I hoped to accomplish through the investigation. Within three days and a minimal expense, I was provided with the precise information I needed to avoid traveling from Nevada to Texas and getting further involved in a fairly dicey real estate matter. Thanks, Investigative Results for a job well done. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to my closest friends and relatives. They are pros every step of the way!


Amy is very professional and caring, I am very happy I hired her, she did exactly what needed to be done to help me legally recover my kids back to their home state!

C.M. Mike Adams

Ms. Amy Ward, the owner of Investigative Results, and I have worked together on various cases for several years now. She is honest, ethical, and effective – all in one little package. Amy has a special place in her heart for abused women. She is emphatic to their situation but just as critical is the expertise she brings to those situations. If you are willing to be helped then Amy is your gal. Well respected by her peers, nose to the grindstone, she has done this for years, you can’t go wrong!

Marc Lenhana

Amy & her team were fast, responsive & comprehensive. Just what I needed.