Civil Suits

Private investigator support to help build your case

Civil litigation can be as straightforward as a lawsuit for negligent injury in an automobile accident or as complex as a fraudulent claim. Our team of professional investigators have the skill and experience investigative each case on its merits. Our team will formulate a customized investigation for each cause of action, and will proceed cautiously extracting the information to establish liability. Our team will help establish a solid foundation of facts and information.

Due Diligence

Investigative Results will perform exhaustive legal research to obtain physical court, medical and legal records. Investigative Results investigators have the ability to carefully provide an independent evaluation of all discovery material obtained saving the team many hours of tedious review.

Mitigation Investigation

Investigative Results will obtain information that will assist in determining the reputation of those involved in potential proceedings and will work with your firm to identify, explore, and develop mitigation factors that may impact your case verdict.

Locate & Interview Witnesses

Civil Litigation cases require countless hours of locating and interviewing witnesses. Investigative Results professional investigators can assist by locating, interviewing, providing sworn affidavits, and recorded interviews.

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Our private investigators are experienced at asking the right questions to establish liability

Investigative Results will customize an investigative plan for each cause of action and will proceed cautiously extracting the information that you need. Each and every time.

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