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Private investigator support to help build your case

Defending an individual’s civil liberties come with a unique set of complex challenges. A professionally trained private investigator serves and important role in a criminal defense investigation. Investigators can assist in locating witnesses, developing time lines, finding inconsistencies, or locating information that may have been overlooked or omitted. Your case is only as strong as the information that you present.

Investigative Results team of investigators assist by investigating and assembling facts in a logical, straight forward manner. Our team of experienced investigators find difficult to locate witnesses and provide and facts and information you need to successfully achieve or mitigate your case.

Case Analysis

Our team will conduct an exhaustive discovery review, and identify areas that were potentially unexplored. Our team can assist by developing evidence that was overlooked or undiscovered.

Mitigation Investigations

Our team can assist to identify, explore, and develop mitigating factors that may impact your case verdict through a variety of methods.

Location of a Subject Matter Expert

We work with a large network of subject matter experts in a variety of industries and will find the expert you need to help you define your case.

Locate & Interview Witnesses

Our professional investigators are skilled in locating and obtaining witness statements. We use a variety of formats such as:

  • Written Statements
  • Recorded Statements
  • Neighborhood Canvas
  • Recorded Interviews

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