Insurance Claims

Private investigator support to help build your case

Our Investigative Results team investigators have the skills, experience, and resources to provide our clients valuable information in a quick and efficient manner. Using every tool at our disposal, our insurance investigation services can save adjusters and attorneys time and money while providing them with accurate research to back up their claim.  During the investigation, our team can perform research, locate parties, obtain written, recorded, or sworn interviews, and investigate the validity of claims before compiling all reports in a standard document used by most insurance companies.

Whether you are an insurance organization that needs to verify the facts of a claim, or an attorney that needs dependable research in a timely manner, a professional private investigator is necessary to help build an airtight insurance investigation. more effective handling their claims. Our insurance investigative services include:

  • Bodily Injury Claims
  • Workers Compensation
  • Claims Investigation
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Verification of Claims
  • Interviewing witnesses and Interested parties.
  • Recorded Interviews
  • EEO
  • Notarized Statements
  • Alive and Well Activity Checks
  • Written Statements
  • Location of Witnesses
  • Neighborhood Canvases

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