Case Analysis

Investigative Results will help develop facts relating to the reputation of those who have previously been interviewed as well as develop new witnesses that were overlooked or omitted. We will also help establish new causes of action.

Due Diligence

Investigative Results will provide physical courthouse document case research and retrieval for any potential missing, overlooked, omitted documents or statements.

Locate and Interview

Investigative Results understands that often witnesses may have been reluctant to volunteer during a police or civil investigation. Other parties may have been overlooked. We will locate witnesses and work with you to develop new witnesses, and explore possible new information that previously was not developed.

Recorded Statement/Canvas

Investigative Results professional interviewers can obtain written, recorded, or sworn interviews. Interview witnesses or additional parties, obtain recorded interviews, notarized statements, alive and well activity check, or conduct a neighborhood canvas.

Hiring a Professional Licensed Investigator Is Cost Affective

Facts make or break the case. A professional investigator will help develop the facts, locate and secure potential evidence, locate and interview potential witnesses or claimants. Help to further develop your cause of action  and potentially identify any mitigating factors.

“An investigator, and no attorney found the Furman tapes,” F Lee Bailey, World Investigator Conference, 2016

Professional Documentation

Investigative reports follow standard insurance and legal industry standards. Video and Audio files are uploaded to a secure link.

Licensed by Texas Department of Public Safety A15203

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